Epidemiology And Survival Analysis Breast Cancers In Jordan, 2005-2010

Marwan ALZAGHAL, Ministry Of Health- non communicable disease directorate-Jordan Cancer Registry, Jordan

1 Ministry of Health-Non communicable Disease-Jordan Cancer Registry
2 Cancer Prevention Directorate -Jordan

Background: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women all over the world.; Breast cancer is the most common cause of death due to cancer in women and it ranks the fifth cause in both sexes. The objective of the study is to explain the epidemiology of breast cancer in Jordan 2005-2010 and to identify the observed five years survival for the years 2005-2006 .
Methods: All breast cancer cases that diagnosed and registered in Jordan during the period 2005-2010 for epidemiological analysis. Cases diagnosed in 2005-2006 were included for survival analysis.
Data were collected on all patient  from Jordan cancer registry files, hospital medical record and histopathology reports. The status of all patients whether alive or dead were ascertained from Civil Registration System .
Data were entered and analyzed using SPSS. Survival obtained by using Kaplan Meier .
Results: Overall five years survival for breast cancer in Jordan regardless the stage or grade is 74%. 5 years survival rate was (60%) in the group less than 30 years and 70 years and above, while the best survival was seen in the age group40-49 years(78%) with significant association P value 0.01. no.For summary stage, 5years survival varied from 82% for localized and for regional 69%,while for distant metastasis 52% with significant association P value 0.001.
Conclusion: stage, age and were factors that significantly influenced cancer survival at univarite analysis, but with Cox regression analysis the most important factor  that affect survival rate was stage. Effort should done to improve early diagnosis through early  strengthening screening programs to high risk groups. Breast self examination and health education through media and campaign are very important to diagnose case early this will improve the survival of patients.
Key words: breast cancer, stage. Survival analysis,