Building Capacity For Cancer Control Research: The Global Initiative For Cancer Registry Development (GICR)

Les MERY, International Agency for Research on Cancer, France

1 International Agency for Research on Cancer, Cancer Surveillance Section

High quality cancer data is lacking in many parts of the world. In response, the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR) has been launched to improve the coverage, quality and accelerate the availability of population-based cancer registries. The presentation will focus on the progress of the GICR to demonstrate how activities relate to strengthening cancer research worldwide. 
IARC Regional Hubs for Cancer Registration are to provide localized programmes in training, support and advocacy. The concept of the Hub model is to develop a connected system arranged to link country-level needs with regional support mechanisms. Four Hubs are operational: a Regional Hub for South, East, and South-Eastern Asia, a Regional Network Hub for Sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with the African Cancer Registry Network; a Regional Hub for North Africa, Central and West Asia; and a Regional Network Hub for Latin America. Two additional Hubs in the Pacific Islands and in the Caribbean are being implemented.
Since the launch of the GICR at the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in November 2011, site visits to 61 countries have been conducted to assess opportunities to improve their level of cancer registration. 17 new agreements between IARC and countries have been signed, with several others in development. Training as a core component has resulted in 32 GICR-led or affiliated courses. An IARC Technical Publication has been produced in English, French and Spanish as a reference for health planners in LMICs (Bray, 2014), with the further development of support tools, regional databases and reports underway. 
A key focus of the GICR is to support the development of trained staff in population-based cancer registries and to increase the quality of cancer data. New opportunities in cancer control planning and in building cancer research capacity are being established through the GICR.